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Banteay Samre Temple

Banteay Samre temple is about 400meters east of East Baray, about 2 kilometers from Pradak village and south of the road from Pradak to Phnom Bok. The temple was built in the middle of the 12th century by King Suryavaarman II, dedicating to Visnu Brahmanism. The proportions of Banteay Samre are splendid. A unique feature is an interior moat with laterite paving, which when filled with water must have given an ethereal atmosphere to the temple. All of the structures around the moat are on a raised base with horizontal molding, decorated in some areas with figures framed by lotus buds.

The plan of the temple is roughly square and consists of the laterite rampart with four gopuras. Behind the wall, overlooking the enclosed moat, are gopuras on each side. The four wings and is approached by a long hall with libraries on each side. The laterite, paved causeway is 200meters which leads to the east gopura providing access through the outer rampart of the monument. The causeway, on two levels is bordered on each side by naga balustrades in the style of Angkor Wat, of which only vestiges remain. The end of the causeway leads to a stairway flanked by crouching lions on short columns. This long and dramatic causeway was probably covered with a wooden roof.


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