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Baksei Cham Krong Temple

Baksei Cham Krong11 temple is located about 150 meters noth of Phnom Bakheng. The temple was perhaps begun construction by King Harshavarman I12 (AD 910-944) and completed b King Harshavarman13 (AD 944-968), dedicating Shiva Brahmanism. Inscriptions on the door reveal the date of the temple and mention a golden image of Shiva and the mythical founder of the Khmer civilization.

The temple is a simple plan with a single tower on top of a square, four tiered laterite platform. Three levels of the base are undecorated, but the top platform has horizontal molding around it that sets off the sanctuary. A square, central brick tower stands on a sandstone base shared like a cone. It has one door opening to the east with three false doors on the other sides, which are in remarkably good condition. Most of the lintels are in poor condition, but , on the east, Indra riding a three-headed elephant is till recognizable and is finely carved. The interior of the tower has a sunken floor and a corbelled vault.

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