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Ta Keo Temple

Ta Keo temple is located east of Thommanon and Chao Say Tevoda on the east bank of Stung Siem Reap. The temple was built in the late 10th to early 12th centuries by King Jayavarman V and Suryavarman I, dedicating to Shiva Brahmanism. Had it been finished, Ta Keo, undoubtedly would have been one of the finest temple at Angkor.

The temple rises to a height of 22meters to the sky, giving an impression of strength and power. An innovation at Ta Keo is a porch at each cardinal point on the five towers of the op level. A gallery was situated on a second base and had a roof of brick which is now destroyed. Enormous blocks of feldsparthic wacke a very hard to carve, greenish-grey sandstone were cut to a regular size and placed in position. This absence of decoration gives it simplicity of design that separates it from other temple.

Ta Keo temple is a replica of Mount Meru with a rectangular plan and five square towers arranged in a quincunx, standing majestically on a finely molded three-tiered pedestal that is 12meters high. Long rectangular halls on both levels probably sheltered pilgrims. Two libraries on the east side of the platform open to the west. The upper platform is square and stands on three diminishing tiers with stairway on each side. Most of the space on the upper level is occupied by the five towers, all unfinished, opening to the four cardinal points. The central sanctuary dominates the layout which is given further importance by the development of porches.

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