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Srah Srang Temple

Srah Srang is located face to face with Banteay Kdey temple. It, too, was built in late 12th century by King Jayavarman VII. It is a large lake which is 700 by 300 meters with an elegant lading terrace of superb proportion and scale. It is peasant spot to sit and look out over the surrounding plain. Srah Srang always has water and is surrounded by greenery. It is built of laterite with sandstone moldings.

The platform is of cruciform shape with nago balustrades flanked by two lions. At the front there is an enormous garuda riding a three-headed naga. At the back this a mythical creature comprising a three-headed naga, the lower portion of a garuda and a stylized tail decorated with small naga heads. The body of the naga rest on a dais supported by mythical monsters.

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