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Palilay Temple

Paliay temple is located north of Phineanakas temple and behind Tep Pranom. The temple was built in the 12th century by King Jayavarman VII’s father, King Dharanindravarman (AD1150-1160), who was a Buddhist. The temple’s lintels and pediments lying on the ground afford a rare opportunity to see relief at eye level. Many depict Buddhist scenes with Brahmanism divinities.

Only the central sanctuary remains intact. The sandstone tower opens on four sides, each one with a porch. The tower stands on a base with three tiers intercepted by stairs on each side. The upper portion is collapsed and a truncated pyramid forms a cone which is filled with reused stones. The principle feature of interest at this temple is the Buddhist scenes on the frontons. They are some of the few that escaped defacement in the 15th century. The scenes depicted are east, a reclining Buddha reaching nirvana, south, a seated Buddha, which is specially beautiful in the mid-morning sun, north, a standing Buddha with his hand resting on an elephant.

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