Hot Air Balloon

Flight Scenery

The hot air balloon fly near by Bakong Temple. In good climate condition, the customer will enjoy the scenery as followed:

  1. Bird's eye view of Bakong Temple.
  2. Pink color of sunrise or sunset.
  3. Floating over the rice field and villages.
  4. Drop candy ot children when we passing the village

to experience the free and joy of flying with the hot air balloon

 Flight Time  Take off Time

 Two flights per day

(one for sunrise and another one for sunset)

 AM: 06:00 - 06:30

 PM: 17:00 - 17:30

 Notice:  The duration of flights is 30 minutes or so, and is subject to the actural notice time in different weather. The pick up time may 30 to 50 minutes earlier than take off time.

To Dearest Passenger

Angkor hot air balloons are flying after sunrise and before sunset along the location of the Rolous Group everyday. During thirty minutes we will give you a novelty, electrifying and excited air trip, and take you  to appreciate the charms of natural landscape and ancient vestiges. Please join us, then you will love Angkor Hot air Balloon!

  • Since safety come first, flight will be canceled and fees will be refunded in weathers not suitable for flight, such as rainy, windy, greasy day.
  • The following people are not suitable to ride the hot air balloon: the people who has hypertension, heart disease, acrophobia, epilepsy or critical diseases; the people who is elder than 70 years, younger than 5 years our under 1-metter tall or pregnancy.
  • Only fly from December to March.