Rosana Broadway

Enjoy our famous Cambodian Traditional Dance and International Cabaret Show which provides a unique mix of entertainment on stage. Our Stunning Performers are trained by a Professional Choreographer to bring you several varieties of dancing, with magnificent costumes to sweep you away on a magical and musical journey of song and dance.

Rosana Broadway is a large cabaret show, situated just outside the town. It’s about 3km down the road to Phnom Penh, just past Psar Leu market.

It advertises itself as the “First and only International Cabaret show in Cambodia”. We can’t comment on that, but it’s worth putting on the list. The whole setup is spectacular. That’s the word that keeps going through your mind. It’s a spectacle to see. The show lasts just over an hour. It’s a very comfy auditorium, with seats that recline slightly. You’re not cramped in either. When we went, the 900 seats were about 1/3rd taken. The show starts with a traditional Khmer blessing dance. They then move through different countries with spectacular sets and amazing costumes. The cast is large. We guessed around 50 dancers or so. There are a good mix of ladyboys and boys. It’s not just huge production numbers. There were a couple of clever humorous numbers too. The humour is universal.