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Phnom Tamao

Phnom Tamao is located in Tropiang Sap village, Tropiang Sap commune, Bati district, about 40 kilometers south of Phnom Penh, off National Road 2. Turn right at the sign and travel anther 5 kilometers down a dirt trail. The site features mountains, the biggest national zoo and ancient temples. There are five mountains at this site-Phnom Tamao, Phnom Thma Dos, Phnom Pdaov Pun, Phnom Chhoy and Phnom Bang. The entire site covers 2,500 hectares; most of it is the protected forest area. The Ministry of Agriculture’s Department of Forestry has taken over 1,200 hectares for planting trees and the zoo.

Phnom Tamao National Road Zoo covers 70 hectares and is under the supervision of the department. It features 84 varieties of birds, quadrupeds and reptiles. The animals, which include alligators, elephants, lions, tiger and bears, were collected by the Ministry of Agriculture. Some were recovered from people illegally trafficking wildlife in Cambodia.

The two ancient temples of Phnom Tamao are:

Tamao Temple (Phnom Tamao)

Tamao temple was built n 11th century, during the reign of King Suryavarman I and Udayadityavarman II (AD 1050-1066) as a place for Brahmans to worship. Tamao temple was made of silt stone and red solid brick, but is now nearly unrecognizable. The temple is located near Tamao pagoda on the top of Phnom Tamao, which is about 30 meters high.

Thma Dos Temple (Phnom Thma Dos)

Thma Dos Temple is northwest of Phnom Tamao on the meter high Phnom Thma Dos. The temple was built in the 11th century and is constructed of silt stone and red solid brick. Much of temple is heavily damaged. Thma Dos temple is 7.5 meters square and 13 meter high. Its design is adapted from Khliang style. This temple is more popular with visitors than Tamao temple.