Cambodia Transportation

1. Car rental 4 seats

The car we offer for the rent will take you to a journey of comfort. You do not have to pay us, pay directly to the driver when you will reach your destination. You have to provide your information regarding the group name, passport id, sex and time of departure from the place you are in or provide us the arrival of time at the border.

Keep in your notice that for the order pick up service starting from poipet to siem reap; you have to provide all the information at least 48 hours before.

Be aware!

In order to avoid any queue, it’s better to reach before 12:00 a.m at the border. This is the best time that one can easily cross the border and bus arrives from Khoasan road (from Bankok). Use the e-visa so as to avoid while standing in a long queue in front of the Cambodian Visa office. So, it is suggested to take your e-visa in advance via official website of ministry foreign affairs.  With this visa, you can easily enter the Cambodian immigration office.

While reaching there, you will find numbers of touts outside the official building at the border. Never come in contact with them and waste time. It should be noted that the US dollars are used in Cambodia and never trust those who ask you to exchange the money, because they are fraud.  There is also a biggest market at the border, but the space is very less as the roads are captured by the people and their goods.

2. Tourist van 15 seaters

If you are planning to visit Cambodia with your college friends or family member, then Tourist Van 15 seaters works best for you. Book the van with us and it will arrive at the destination on time. It is not at all necessary that you pay the charge online; you can also give the money charged to the drivers while reaching the destination safely. We need all your information related to the name, passport is, departure or arrival time. All the information should reach by us in the time period of 48 hours.

If you do not want to stand in a long queue, then it is better to reach the place before 12 a.m. as it is the best time to cross the border. Avoid the long queue by reaching the Cambodia office by taking the e-visa from their website. It not only saves your time, but also avoids the long queue. You will also come across touts who try to contact you regarding the visa or money exchange. Do not trust them as they are only fraud. Keep in mind that US dollars are also accepted in Cambodia.

The van has lots of space and allows you to enjoy a comfortable ride starting from the place where you are picked till the final destination. 

3. Bus rental 25 seaters

Are you looking for a luxury ride to your final stop? 25 seater buses are available for rent at the affordable rate. We are one of the best bus service providers in Cambodia. If understand that long flight makes you tired. That’s why, our bus offer smooth journey without causing any problem. Just look out from the window and enjoy the serene beauty of Cambodia. Our years of experience will make you feel good and you will never regret for choosing our services.

On reaching Cambodia, the best time to cross the border is 12 a.m. as there will not be any rush.


So, we suggest you to reach there before the time. It will also help you in avoiding the long queues. Apply online to the website of Cambodia office for the e-visa that will save your time against standing in a long queue.

4. Bus rental 35 seaters

Rent a bus having 35 seats if you are visiting the Cambodia with your group. Driver and helper have their own cabin. Choose our mini bus for an enjoyable ride in the Cambodia. Our bus provides large level of technical value, comfortable seating, outstanding operating economy and total cost cutting measure. Not only this, you get the high level of safety while sitting inside it.

Keep these points in mind!

If you are visiting the Cambodia for very first time, then make sure that you reach the border before 12 am. It is important to avoid a long line in front of the Cambodia office for entering the border. Bus will arrive on time at the place from where you are picking up by our drivers. You can give the rental money to the drivers on reaching your mentioned place. At the border, you will come across different touts who will lure you to exchange the money or easily take you across the border. Please, do not trust them and remember that your US dollars are also accepted in Cambodia.

Our vehicles are in very good condition and the seat is prepared using high quality of fabric. The large windows allow good visibility to the passengers so that they can take a beautiful view of Cambodia. The interior will surely be neat and clean.

5. Bus rental 45 seaters

Book tour bus on rent having 45 seats at best prices that suits your pocket. The AC bus is suitable for 45 people and less than that. The seats are very comfortable to sit on and the bus is very clean from inside. The large window allows the clean and beautiful view of the outside that will makes you mesmerize.

Our mini bus is enthralled with all facilities and take your safely to your destination place. If you want to enjoy the Cambodia at fullest, we suggest you to come as early as possible, before 12 a.m. to the border. This is the best time when you can enter the Cambodia without standing in a long line.

6. Tuktuk rental 4 seaters

This is the best ride to explore the place without getting troubled. Definitely, it is a safe, reliable and affordable ride. Even on the rough roads, you will not face any problem because of the smooth driving. Even you can pay the rent directly to the driver instead of paying online. You cannot get this kind of flexible service anywhere else. You just have to do one thing and that is to provide all your information like name, passport id, group name (if any), gender and time of departure or arrival.

Information regarding crossing Thai-Cambodian Border

Our Tuk Tuk will reach your place before 12 a.m. That is why; it is a suggestion for you to reach the border before the mentioned time so that you do stand in a long queue in front of the Cambodian office and save lots of time. Try to take e-visa before from the official website of ministry foreign affairs. With this, you can easily go to the Cambodian immigration office from the Thai Immigration office. At the office, you will also face some touts who lure you to exchange the money or complete the process in very less time. Don’t trust them and remember that the US dollars are also accepted there.