Cambodia Religion

The official religion follows in the Cambodia is Buddhism that is practiced by nearly 95% of the people living over there like other places including Thailand, Vietnam, Burma and Sri Lanka. Cham Muslim and Christianity is another religion also followed in this country. These three languages are popular among the population and show a sign of growth too. We all know that the Buddhist monks are very discipline and follow around 227 rules along with the 10 basic precepts of being a good Buddhist. According to the rules, the Buddhist monks cannot take part in the entertainment and lead a very simple life that is dedicated to the Buddhism.

In the Buddhists view, the universe is a part of cycle that change eternally and they religiously follow the teaching of Buddha. Buddha was an Indian Prince who is born in the sixth century B.C. Buddhists have a strong belief that person continuously reborn in both human and non-human form depending on their Karma.  Nirvana is the only thing from which the human get released from the life cycle and it is only attained by achieving the good Karma and following the Buddhist path to correct the lives of many people.  Earning merit is one of the important things in the Buddhist life. Buddhist monks in Cambodia earn the merit by giving their belongings, money, goods and labor to Buddhist temples. This can also be achieved by giving two time meals to the monks. The small aged monks have the responsibility to look after vegetables and fruits trees inside the local Wat or temple. The boys can earn the merit by becoming the temple servants or novice monks.