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Siem Reap+Phnom Penh+Sihanoukvile 8 Days

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8Days / 7Nights


This is a combined tour package that comprises of 3 major destinations i.e. siem reap, Phnom Penh and sihanoukvile. The package comes in 3 options...

This is a combined tour package that comprises of 3 major destinations i.e. siem reap, Phnom Penh and sihanoukvile. The package comes in 3 options i.e. 7 days tour, 6 days tour and 9 days tour. The main attractions of this tour package are the breathtaking temples of the region, national museums, sanctuaries, forests, royal palaces, silver pagoda, the local market and other important spots. 


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Phnom Penh+Siem Reap+Sihanoukvile 7 Days

This is a combined tour package that comprises of 3 major destinations i.e. siem reap, Phnom Penh and sihanoukvile. The package comes in 3 options...

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This is a combined tour package that comprises of 3 major destinations i.e. siem reap, Phnom Penh and sihanoukvile. The package comes in 3 options...

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This is a combined tour package that comprises of 3 major destinations i.e. siem reap, Phnom Penh and sihanoukvile. The package comes in 3 options...


After arriving at the Siem Reap international airport, you will be welcomed by way of our tour guide and then commence our tour to the Rolous group, these monuments mark the beginning of classical art, as a number of the earliest top-notch temples constructed through the Khmer. They served as the capital of Indravarman. Then we will go to the Lolei temple constructed on an islet by Yasovarman I, the founder of the first city of Angkor. The sandstone carvings in the niches of the temples are exceptional as are the Sanskrit inscriptions at the door-post. The Preah ko temple erected by using Indravarman I in the past due 9th century in determination to his deified ancestors in 880. There are inscriptions in Sanskrit on the doorsteps of each temple. Then we will move into the Bakong temple which is built and dedicated to Shiva by means of Indravarman I, that is the biggest and maximum interesting of the Roluos group of temples and nevertheless has an active Buddhist monastery.

In the afternoon, we will visit the Banteay Srei temple reputedly miniature in assessment to the alternative Angkor temples, Banteay Srei is considered to be the jewel of classical Khmer art. It is constructed of red sandstone, the walls are blanketed in exquisitely preserved carvings of uncommon delicacy. Because of its small size, fairy-like environment and superb examples of Khmer sculpture, this temple is mostly a preferred location.

We stay overnight in Siem Reap


On the 2nd day, you will take breakfast at your hotel, keep tour to the crowning jewel of Khmer structure, Angkor Wat temple is the national symbol and the highlight of any visit to Cambodia.

The most important, and most religiously substantial of the Angkor temples, Angkor impresses site visitors, each with the aid of its sheer scale and superbly proportioned format, in addition to the delicate artistry of its carvings. To explore this temple, first pass the great moat, continuing alongside a broad causeway coated with Naga Balustrades. As we enter the main building, we will go through the chain of galleries and courtyard earlier than attaining the central sanctuary, which offers beautiful perspectives back over the causeway and throughout the encircling nation-state. Then we visit the Ta Prohm temple, one of the maximum famous attractions of Angkor as an awful lot of the jungle has now not been cleared and it looks very a lot as most of the Angkor monuments could have seemed while European explorers first stumbled across them.

In the afternoon, we will visit the Angkor Thom covers an area of 10 square km. It is enclosed by means of a wall and extensive moats. This metropolis consists o a lot of Angkor's maximum popular sights. We will go by way of the huge south gate over a causeway lined on both facets via statues of demons and gods, every sporting a giant naga. We will continue to the terrace of the elephants and the terrace of the leper kings, former areas for public ceremonies, both embellished with dramatic bas-reliefs. Go to the ruined Baphuon, royal enclosure and Phimeanakas earlier than continuing to the mysterious Bayon temple. In this temple, one of the most popular and compelling in Angkor, explore the galleries of beautifully preserved bas-reliefs and ascend slender stairs to attain the vital sanctuary, wherein you'll discover large stone faces smiling enigmatically down at you from every angle.

We stay overnight in Siem Reap


On the 3rd day, after taking breakfast at the hotel, you will continue your visit from the Preah Khan temple, which became called an antique temporary city of king Jayavarman vii (1181-1218). Then we will go to the Neak pean temple, which became one of the 102 historic hospitals of king Jayavarman vii who built this health facility temple for taking care people's fitness.

Then, we will move to the Mebon temple and Pre Rup temple may be visited in a while. These two temples were built by way of the same king ‘Rajendra varman II (944-967) to dedicate his ancestors.

In the afternoon of the 3rd day, we will start to visit the Angkor countrywide museum; at some point of the golden era of the Khmer state which is one of the ancient civilizations of this global become being created. It was the origin of Khmer artwork, subculture, and architecture. Those incredible innovations became one of the few wonders of the arena that also amaze human beings in the course of generations that still maintain an awesome effect in present Cambodian society. The Angkor national museum takes satisfaction in revealing the royal historical direction of this golden era of the Khmer country via state of the art multimedia era to provide visitors a complete pictorial tale of the legend for easy comprehension. After that, we will take the buffet dinner with Apsara dance show.

We stay overnight in Siem Reap


On the 4th day, you will take breakfast at your lodge, then move to the Meanchey which is considered one of natural tourism and mangroves for loads species of clean water fishes and birds and adorned with an ethnic stilted houses line over the water floor up into the air. The villages are more often than not Khmer and feature approximately 3000 inhabitants between them, most of who stay in stilted houses. The people depend in large part on fishing and tourism for his or her incomes. Then we will embark on the traditional wooden boat thru the flooded forests of the extremely good Tonle Sap lake, the habitat of many chicken species it's going to bring you to Chong kneas. This top-notch floating village is built on eight to 10 m excessive stilts. We go to an island pagoda, a faculty and traditional stilt houses interact with the nearby households. Then we will return to Siem Reap for refreshment.

In the afternoon, we will continue to visit the Angkor silk farm gives loose guided excursions of the procedure from the mulberry bushes cultivation to the manufacturing of silk fabrics and add-ons. As the silk farm covers a place of 8 hectares, of which 5 are used for the mulberry tree plantation, you may revel in the stunningly placing even as mastering about the fascinating process of silk-making. Artisan D’angkor has developed from the old perception that it's far viable to revive historical Khmer arts & crafts while improving the lives of heaps of humans living in rural regions.

We stay overnight in Siem Reap


On the 5th day, you will take breakfast at the Hotel. From there, we will move to the bus station and take a limousine van from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh.This journey will take 5.30 hours. Once reached, you will et refreshment and move to the Hotel

In the afternoon, we will go the notorious Toul Sleng and Cheung Ek, better referred to as the killing fields, in which massive numbers of human beings have been killed and buried in mass graves. After which royal palace constructed in 1866 and silver pagoda positioned in the royal palace.

We stay overnight in Phnom Penh


On the 6th day, you will take breakfast at the Hotel and go to Sihanoukville (beach) on a Limousine van. After arriving at the Sihanoukville (beach), you will go to Hotel for relaxation and refreshment.

We stay overnight at Sihanoukvile.


On the 7th day, you will take breakfast at your Hotel. Then around 8.30 am, we will continue our trip by a joining boat trip for about 2 hours out to Koh Pos, Koh Reusey and lots of different islands. Those islands are calm and perfect for snorkeling & swimming. You've got a tour boat almost one full day via beginning from 8.00 am and to finish around 5.00 pm. Then you will take lunch provided by way of boat staffs on the island.

We stay overnight at Sihanoukvile.


On the 8th day, after having breakfast at your Hotel, you may loosen up at sand seashores at Ochheuteal beach. This time you may have a time of sunbathing on unruffled seashores.

Around 12.00 pm, after your lunch, you will go from Sihanoukville back to Phnom Penh by means of limousine van. Arrive Phnom Penh, choose up with the aid of our driver and move to Phnom Penh airport departure to a subsequent vacation spot. At this movement, we will end our tour.

Price Included:

  • Welcome drinks and cool towel at some point of the ride
  • All taxed protected for 10% of government tax & 10% of service rate.
  • Complementary rounds-journey airport transfer
  • Transportation at some stage in ride as point out in itinerary and round metropolis
  • Ticket limousine van from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap and Sihanoukville
  • Professional English excursion manual day by day (another language on request, however, an extra fee)
  • A price ticket for a buffet dinner in Siem Reap with Apsara dancing show
  • The Temple front rate is protected by itinerary
  • Interest area entrance cost at Phnom Penh as itinerary
  • Price ticket for cruise and island go on vacation at Sihanoukville
  • 1 buffet lunch on cruise, offering by group of workers.

Price Excluded:

  • Flight inside and outside Cambodia
  • Visa fee and airport tax
  • Lodging
  • Day by Day breakfast, all meals (lunch & dinner)
  • Personal prices like a drink, smartphone, laundry and so on.
  • Tipping for excursion manual and driver

Optionally available excursion besides itinerary (on request)

Tour Code ATP: 01
Price US $ 274
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