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Vietnam is exciting and chilling destination. It comprises of breathtaking natural scenic beauty which is irresistible. There are numerous sightseeing places in Vietnam and each of those is unique in its characteristic. Landscapes, waterfalls, beaches, mountains, lakes, forestry, rivers and market areas, all are very attractive to explore. Besides, people living in Vietnam are also very warm and friendly. Food and delicacies are also worth trying which is tasty as well as unique. It anyone desires to travel Vietnam, it would be beneficial if he or she knows the best time to travel the cities in Vietnam and also the cost which needs to be spent daily. If one is travelling alone, it would obviously be cheaper than for a couple or a family r a group who is travelling. April to June and September to November is considered the best time to tour Vietnam due to pleasant weather conditions and reasonable prices. So, one can book tickets well in advance for easy deals. People can move around places in Vietnam by buses, taxis, airplane or train. When one has easy to use maps and some guide related to the touring places of Vietnam, it would be much easier and saving of time.

Now, let us discuss about the top travel experiences one can get in Vietnam:

Hoi An- It is a graceful and historic town in Vietnam. Being one of the major ports earlier attracting merchants’ ships from China, Japan and Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries, it is proud of its architecture and heritage. Hoi An has unique charm to fascinate any tourist with its atmospheric and delightful ambiance. It is free of unnecessary traffic and pollution and consists of rivers which are appealing. Boating, motorbikes, bicycles, beaches and water sports have been major attraction of this place. It cuisine is also unique and place is worth exploring in its own way. Some of other preserved legacies of this town include Chinese temples, Japanese merchant houses and ancient tea warehouses. Common visible shops are lounge bars, travel agents, boutique hotels, tailor shops, etc. Some of the major sights in Hoi AN include Tan Ky House, Phung Hung Old House, Quan Cong Temple, Cam Kim Island, Tran Family Chapel, Hoi An old town, Assembly hall of Fujian Chinese Congregation and Japanese Covered Bridge. You can get amazing hotels and stays in this place with sumptuous food waiting for you.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park- It is a destination which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2003. It comprises the oldest Karst mountains in Asia which was formed 400 million years ago. It is a true heaven on Earth with extraordinary underground rivers. The central village of Phong Nha region is Son Trach village which has population of 3000 and has facilities to stay and dine. With presence of ATMs and transport, it is now easier to travel around this place. A stay of approx 3 days is required in order to explore this place through forest trekking, caves, area’s war history and rural mountain biking. Some of the top sights in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park region include Hang Son Doong, Hang Toi, Phong Nha Cave and Boat trip, Paradise Cave, Tu Lan Cave, Hang En and Hang Va.

Hanoi- It is a unique city where people embrace rich cultural legacy also thriving affluence and modernity. Many spectacular scenes can be found here such as French style buildings, modern skyscrapers, 5000 year old pagodas, hip-hop dancers, taichi performers, etc. People can experience a thrilling and exciting excursion at this place.It is a historical place and pillared pagoda, temple of literature and national university are famous here. Places for shopping, dining and entertainment are many and visible at short distances.Many foreign tourists get attracted to this place due to its peaceful and happening nature. They like to chill and enjoy here and get lost in the beauty of this city.

Halong Bay- It is a vision of ethereal beauty and it has been designated World heritage site in 1994. Its spectacular scatter of islands is breathtaking and it is considered as number one tourism hub in Vietnam. There are many options to roam here and many visitors choose to take cruise tours to examine the beauty of the place. The top sights in Halong Bay include Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba national Park, Ho Chi Minh monument, Hospital Cave, Hang Dau Go, Cannon Fort, Cat ba Island Market and Cat Co Cave. Cat Ba island is the largest island in the Gulf of Tonkin with an area of 354 square kilometers and a population of more than 8000 people. The peak season to visit Halong Bay is between late May and early August. Whereas January to march is cool and drizzly and May to September there are tropical storms and in November, sunny blue sky can be seen with less crowd and it makes the best time to visit. In October month, the temperature varies from 23 to 26 degree centigrade.

Hue- It is pronounced as ‘hway’ and is a historic place. Many of the finest buildings can be located here though some of these are destroyed in the American war. It has remained as the capital of Vietnam from 1802 to 1945. Comprising of historical palaces, citadels, tombs and temples, Hue maintains its legacy. It is located on the Perfume River which is picturesque on a clear day. Old and sleek modern hotel towers can be seen in the city and a great nightlife can be found here. It is a tranquil and a conservative city continuing to attract tourists. Top sights in Hue include Imperial Enclosure, To Mieu Temple Complex, Thien Mu Pagoda, Tomb of Tu Duc, Tomb of Minh Mang, Tomb of Khai Dinh, Ngo Mon Gate and Tu Hieu Pagoda. Some of the restaurants for food and drink in Hue are Hanh restaurant, Vietnamese Hang Me Me, Lien Hoa (vegetarian), Quan Bun Bo Hue, Mandarin Café, Gecko Pub, Japanese Ta.Ke, Italian Little Italy and Stop and Go Café. One can find the best and finest cookey in these places.

Ho Chi Minh City- It was formerly known as Saigon. This city’s pulsating energy is one of the most attractive feature and a high commerce and culture has driven the country forward. It is the most populous metropolis of Vietnam and is filled with vibrancy. A city with some amount of chaos and lots of vitality attracts one and all to go along with the flow of energy. All visitors are compelled to give their maximum to the day to day life and go along the ride. It is modern in nature and finest hotels plus guesthouses can be found here. One can explore some classiest restaurants, boutiques, infused temples, chic designer malls, skyscrapers and many more in Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam. Top sights in this city include War Remnants museum, reunification palace, fine arts museum, history museum, Notre dame Cathedral, Giac lam Pagoda, Jade Emperor Pagoda and Phuoc An Hoi Quan Pagoda. Those who are filled with romance, can take a dinner cruise on Saigon River and have fun with mesmerizing night with lights.

Ha Giang Province- It is an amazing landscape comprising of granite outcrops and limestone pinnacles. It is located in northern Vietnam. It allows trip between Yen Minh and Dong Van and then across the Mai Pi Leng Pass to Meo Vac. Its proximity to China keeps visitors at low level although its popularity is never less. This province is best travelled with a car or a motorbike. Buses availability has also improved public transport a lot in this area. Visitors can enjoy the jawdropping scenery of IndoChina region. Some of the top sights and activities which can be performed in Ha Giang Province include colorful local  markets tour of Sapa, 2 day Moc Chau discovery with flower blossom, Sapa town exploration by train in Hanoi city, half day Sapa trek, Lan Ha Bay and Viet Hai village trekking and Kayaking day trio from Cat Ba island.

Cat Tien National Park- Its area is 72 K hectare and is one of the outstanding natural treasures of Vietnam. It consists of vast biodiverse region of lowland tropical rainforest. It is a highly motivating place for activities like hiking, mountain biking and birdwatching. Located in Southern Vietnam, it is highly capturing to the senses. IT is highly recommended to do reservations prior to the visit since a limited number of visitors can only be accommodated here as per the rules. People seeking calm and peaceful place can happily spend their time in this place to rejuvenate themselves from day to day hectic life. It truly represents nature beauty and will leave you spellbound. You might not want to return if you visit this place. This nature reserve in Southwest Highlands of Vietnam is worth visiting.

Bac Ha- It is a commercial area with much of chaos during Sunday market. All villagers travel here for marketing purpose from the hills and valleys. One can find everything in the marketing areas of Bac Ha including chicken and pigs. Top sights in Bac Ha are Bac Ha market, Sin Cheng market, Can Cau market, Hoang Thu Pho Waterfall, Vua Meo, Lung Phin market and Coc Ly market. Dining places here are Hoang Yen restaurant and Restaurant 36 which are famous for barbequeing options. 3 day Sapa trekking  is also famous on Sundays here, marketing tour and local activities of exploring the charm of Sapa town can be performed.

Phu Quoc Island- It is Vietnam’s largest island spanning on an area of 59- sq km. Consisting of crystal clear water, peaceful rivers and beaches, it is the treasure of this country. Surrounded with white sand beaches in dense tropical forests, Phu Quoc is a must visit place for tourists. There are so many places for exploration here and seafood is most attractive for food lovers. The most valuable crop found here is black pepper and Phu Quoc is also famed for the production of fish sauce known as nuoc mam which is of high quality and taste. Top sights in Phu Quoc include Sao beach, An Thoi Islands, Fish sauce factory, Phu Quoc national park, Coi Nguon museum, Duong Dong, Long Beach and Dinh Cau temple. Hon thom archipelago is a one-stop destination for various activities, from snorkeling into the coral reef to seeing the cultured pearl production process. The peak season to visit this place is midwinter from December to Janueary when sky is clear. The sea get rough from late May to October and interrupts in diving activity.

Con Dao Islands- It is isolated from the mainland and one of the Vietnam’s major attractions. Con Son composes largest chain of 15 islands and islets and is surrounded by lovely beaches, scenic bays and coral reefs. One can perform hiking, diving and explore deserted coastal roads. There are many wildlife watching chances for the visitors and can discover black giant squirrel and endemic bow fingered gecko. It comprises of low cost boats and makes it easier for travelers to make tours. Some of the top sights in Con Dao islands are Bay Canh, Tiger Cages, Hang Duong Cemetry, Phu Binh Camp, Van Son temple, Bai Dram Trau, Phu Hai Prison, Bai Dat Doc and Van Son temple.

Demilitarised Zone- It is known by its American war moniker. It is 5 km strip of land on either side of Ben Hai River. It acted as a buffer between North and South from 1954 to 1975. South of this zone was scene of deadliest battlest in America’s first TV war turning the rockpile, Khe Sanh, Lang Vay and Hamburger Hill into household names. Most of these sites are clear now and plantation with rubber and coffee has been done now. Some small museums are present in Vinh Moc, Ben Hai and Kheh Sanh. A knowledgeable guide would be best for the tour and people with military interest would hihly appreciate this place. Some of the top sights include Vinh Moc tunnels, Rockpile, Truong Son national cemetery, Ben Hai river, Hamburger hill, Khe Sanh combat base, Con Thien firebase and Camp Carroll.

Mekong Delta- Consisting various landscapes, lush greenery and extensive waterways, it touches the sense of people. One can find vendors bargaining on floating markets and Buddhists monks roaming in the streets. It is a vibrant place and called rice bowl of Vietnam as it encompasses 12 provinces and each has a unique feature. IT has also been ranked as world’s top 10 best value destinations in the year 2014. Highly economical and easy to travel, this place is magical in its own way. Many tourists have examined and explored this place and continue to do so. One can take rides on motorbikes and also explore through boats around the Mekong Delta.